We started in R O M E! We arrived late in the afternoon and with jet lag we went straight to bed. The next day we walked to the Colosseum, which was only 5 minutes away from our hotel (San Bundi guest house, very affordable and convenient). We chose not to do the tour, but my sister highly advises it if you have time. From there we walked to the Arc of the Fatherland, a great landmark as it can be seen from almost anywhere in Rome.

We continued to the Pantheon, which is free to go inside, and a must to do! (If we were going again, I would trying staying near the Pantheon, as it is close to more sites!) Piazza Novana was nice to walk through and  not far from the Trevi Fountain. The fountain was very crowded as we went during peak tourist time, but still beautiful to see the carvings above the fountain. [The Spanish steps were under construction during our stay, but that would have been our next stop.]

The next day we had tickets to the Vatican museums (that is something you will want to book ahead of time! go here for tickets) It is really nice walking past the long line of people who didn’t have tickets, if you plan on going, walk right up to the entrance and ask a staff member which line to get in. You will then go inside to redeem your voucher for an actual ticket.

Once inside the Vatican, plan on it being a couple hour experience as there is tons to explore. At some point you will make your way to the Sistene Chapel, but once you go through that, it is hard to go back to the museum side, so take your time enjoying the other exhibits.

Once outside though, follow the signs to St. Peter’s square. We went on a Tuesday, so they were preparing for Wednesday’s Pope blessing, so we didnt get as close as we wanted, but you will see the basilica from the front. You can climb to the top of St. Peters for an incredible view!

After that it is not a far walk to the Roman Aqueducts.

For food, we used our phones to find restaurants around us, and tried to avoid places right at the sites we saw, as they are overpriced and not as authentic. (an easy way to tell is if there is many similar places all right in a row). Instead, go down a side street or look at reviews if possible!

Two days is barely enough to scratch the surface of Rome, but we enjoyed our trip and then took the train to Florence!

Also, if you dont have one, and are heading for lots of travel, consider getting a GoPro – they are small, easy to pack, waterproof, shockproof the list goes on! The other camera I use (and just got) is a Nikon j5, the quality of a dslr but much more compact!

gopro.PNG     nikonj5


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