Out of all my travels, Florence has been my favorite. Unfortunately we only had one day, so we tried to make the most of it! Compared to the other cities we visited, I was glad that everything was close together, making for short walks. Our hotel looked over Piazza San Lorenzo, which was a great location, and absolutely amazing, looking out our windows seeing the swallows fly around the church.

We were only a five minutes walk from the Duomo, which pictures do not do justice. The black and white marble and sheer magnitude of the structure that you have to see in person. There are many cafes surrounding the Duomo, which make for a nice time to sit and enjoy the building.

Michelangelo’s David statue is also in Florence, at the Academia Galleria, where the whole museum was built around the focus of the David statue. Like the Vatican, get your tickets early!

Another point to visit is Ponte Vecchio, a bridge made of little shops! I would suggest to walk across it, then walk down to the next bridge so you can see it from the outside too.

Our favorite food out of our entire trip was at the San Lorenzo Market. They have many options at different stalls, but everything is made fresh and right in front of you!

For the best view we went to the top of the Grand Hotel Bagolioni, where you can go to the rooftop terrace for a glass of wine while looking at the Duomo.

At this stop we also chose to do a wine tasting, which also added to this being my favorite city. After a little bit of googling, I somewhat blindly chose our tasting at the La Divina Enoteca. One of Italy’s top sommeliers guided us through several wine and cheese pairings, and taught us all things wine. It was not expensive, and I booked our tasting ahead of time. Definitely on my “do again” list!

Last but not least, gelato! Everywhere we went, I had tons of gelato ,but my favorite was at Vivoli! They make is fresh everyday, and you can tell! Don’t bother with the “shops” near the main sites that have huge tubs of “gelato”, go to Vivoli! (This is not a sponsored post, it was just that good!!)


We booked through AirBnB for this leg of the trip, we saved a lot of money, and were in the heart of Florence. Our friends who were also traveling with us booked their entire trip through Costco, which has a lot of convenient options, like arranged travel to your next destination!


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