In Kotor, we hadnt signed up for any excursions with our cruise and figured we would just explore. We ended up taking a tour of the whole bay via tour bus, which was really fun to hear about the history of the port and see more than what would have been right off the dock.

We saw Roman mosaic from the 1st and 2nd century! We also saw Our Lady of the Rocks Isle, where sailors used to drop stones as a token of good faith before leaving the bay (it is now a man-made island). The island next to it is the Island of St. George, a natural island, which has a monastery and graveyard on it. You are able to take a boat and visit the islands from Perast.  The small town of Perast looked like a fairytale, but we did not have time to get off and explore as much as I would have liked.

Before we had to be back on the cruise we also checked out the Old Town, with cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, shadowed by the mountain – its amazing! If your up for a hike, there is a path you can take behind Old Town that looks over the whole bay (it was very hot when we went, but maybe next time). This was the first time we saw a traditional Greek Orthodox church, which was very interesting and unique.

From here we continued to Corfu!




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