On, Argostoli (Kefalonia) we again booked a tour through our cruise. Like Corfu, we spent most of the time driving, but the lake cave was worth it!

Our first stop was to St. Andrews monastery, which quietly sits within the beautiful green hills of Peratata. The main attraction at the monastery is the Apostle Andrew’s right foot, which you are able to view through a display.

On our way to our next stop we learned a lot about the process of making wine and olive oil, as we passed by many vineyards and olive trees.

Then we visited the Melissani lake cave. In Greek mythology, Melissani was the cave of the nymphs. At one point the cave was completely underground, however a large section fell into one “room” the lake, creating a opening to the sky. It allows light to fill the cave, and reflect all shades of blue in the water. Plants hang over, making it one of my favorite stops on our trip! The other “room” of the cave is damply lit by man-placed lights, but they allow you to see the stalacites formed on the roof.

On our way back to the boat we saw one of the prettiest views of Mythos beach, where the sand makes the water swirl all different shades of blue. Then as we walked back to the cruise we saw a turtle that lives in the bay (my favorite animal!)!




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