After driving by many beautiful beaches we finally got to have our own beach day! Mykonos was my favorite Greek Isle with the blue water and white buildings. We saw the famous Mykonos windmills, which were originally used to mill wheat.

Walking through the streets makes you truly feel Greek! The walls and streets are white washed, with bright blues and reds for accents. This is a town to get a little bit lost in, move away from the port, and further into town, that’s where you can find the best little bakeries and gyros (and soulvaki and more!) (make sure to have cash for this stop, most vendors did not accept credit card).

After wondering through the streets, we walked along the coast until we found a beach. The beaches we passed were free, so we found our own little piece of paradise and enjoyed! The beach we were at was less sandy and more pebbly (if you plan on doing many beach days in Greece, consider buying some water shoes).

Have I mentioned how beautiful it was? I really cannot wait to go back someday (and also Santorini, which we didn’t go to on this trip)

Also, the backpacks we use are PacSafe Travel Backpacks – they are anti-theft bags, with zipper “locks” and a metal bottom to prevent bag cutting – they have a lot of storage and pockets, and is overall a really solid bag!


Pictures taken with Nikon j5



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