Drone Highlight: Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CATalk about a drone lovers dream! The Santa Monica pier, right before sunset is absolutely stunning from the sky. This has been one of my favorite drone adventures by far! I started the day at Santa Monica, but the pictures were way overexposed due to a very bright sun, so I headed down to Venice Beach (about a 10-15 minute drive).

Venice Beach is a happenin place! Even on a Tuesday! I had seen aerial photos of the skate park, and wanted one for myself, but there are a lot of other great photo spots there as well. (be aware: these areas are very close to largVenice Beach Canals, CAe airports, so use caution) The Venice Canals made for a fun shot, and there were a lot of surfers in the water as well. Plus, there are so many little shops to check out and foods to try, that its easy to make an afternoon go by quickly here. I will admit, I am not a huge fan of most LA beaches, but this was a really fun trip.

After exploring Venice for the afternoon, I made my way back to Santa Monica, and am so happy with how my second flight there turned out. Lights on pier + golden light from the setting sun = so pretty! Plus right at sunset, looking away from the ocean towards the city makes for another beautiful site. I definitely cannot wait to go again and get more shots, especially since sunset goes by so fast!

Check out my gallery for more from this adventure! 

Click here for the video from this trip!

Santa Monica, CA


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